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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Houston Home

October 15, 2022

With its humid subtropical climate, Houston is a great place for ants to thrive. Unfortunately, this means that you will likely deal with an ant problem at some point if you do not actively try to prevent and control them. If ants have taken over your home, now is the time to learn about their habits and behaviors, discover the reasons why they can be dangerous, and find out about effective ant prevention tips. Controlling an ant infestation is easier when it is still in the early stages. If you are struggling with an ant infestation, Samson Pest And Termite Services provides pest control in Houston you can rely on.

Habits And Behaviors Of Home-Invading Ants

Ants are complex insects, and understanding them can help you keep your home free of infestations. Some of their habits and behaviors include:

  • A social structure: Ants are not solitary but rather live in colonies with the workers, queens, and social groups. 
  • Wings: You will mostly see ants walking. However, some will develop wings when it is time to start a new colony.
  • Eggs: The worker ants are sterile, but the queen will lay eggs to keep the colony going.

Ants are social animals that seek out shelter, food, and water in order to survive and thrive. Because they might find them in your home, it is crucial that you learn why having ants in your home can be dangerous.

It Can Be Dangerous To Have Ants In Your Home

Ants are more than unsightly invaders. They can also cause a variety of problems in your home, such as:

  • Property damage: Ants will often build nests in the wooden structure of your home, damaging it along the way.
  • Diseases: Ants can transmit many diseases such as E. coli, shigella, and salmonella
  • Allergies and asthma: In those susceptible to upper respiratory problems, ants can cause allergies and asthma attacks.

Because ants can be dangerous, and an infestation can become harder to control as time passes, it is often best to consult with a pest control company to avoid wasting time on ineffective pest control ant treatments.

Easy And Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Around The House

If you want to avoid ant infestations or wish to prevent one from coming back, here are easy and effective ant prevention tips for around the house you can use today:

  • Remove sources of stagnant water: Ants require water to survive and use anything from pet bowls to leaky faucets. By eliminating water whenever possible, you might see a reduction in your ant population.
  • Keep food away from ants: Ant prevention means keeping your kitchen and dining areas clean as much as possible, taking out the trash regularly, keeping trash cans clean, and sweeping or vacuuming floors often.
  • Fix cracks in your home: To prevent ants from entering, make sure that all cracks in your walls and foundation are sealed. Consider installing fine-mesh screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps to keep invaders away.

Ants are creative at coming inside homes if it means keeping their colony fed and safe. By using effective ant control methods like preventing them from entering and keeping sources of food and water away, you can sometimes keep an infestation from starting in the first place.

Professional Ant Control Is A Great Solution For Houston Homes

By the time you notice an ant infestation, it might be too late to use natural prevention methods. In this case, you will want to rely on a professional pest control company for the best ant control like Samson Pest And Termite Services. After our experts have been able to inspect your home and determine why it was a target for ants in the first place, they will provide you with all the tools for ant control you need to prevent a new infestation.

Ants are bothersome and potentially dangerous pests that should be kept out of your home whenever possible. Contact us today at Samson Pest And Termite Services for the most effective ant control in Houston.