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Bed Bugs in Houston, TX

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What To Know About Bed Bugs In Houston, TX

It's not uncommon to feel shame when dealing with a bed bug infestation. But we're here to tell you there is no shame regarding these pests because they affect one in five households in the United States. They are more of a problem than most people think, and they don't just infest "dirty" homes. Read on to learn why everyone is susceptible to bed bugs and what to do about them.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are about 1/4 of an inch long with flat, oval-shaped bodies. They are reddish-brown but will become swollen and redder after feeding. 

These parasitic insects are nocturnal and don't live on a host, which means they will hide in tiny crevices during the day and only come out at night to feed. Because of this, there is a good chance you won't see any adult bed bugs unless you are searching for them. 

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Usually, we consider pests either dangerous or a nuisance. Pests that are dangerous spread diseases or cause damage, while nuisance pests are more annoying than anything. 

Because bed bugs don't spread diseases or cause damage, they are technically nuisance pests, but you may disagree if you experience an infestation. The presence of bed bugs in your Houston home can create a stressful environment where it is difficult to sleep, eat, or perform daily tasks, affecting a person's health.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Everyone is susceptible to bed bugs because this pest spreads from one place to another by hitchhiking on unsuspecting people. Any public area, including but not limited to offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and theaters, can be a hot spot for bed bugs. So if you have an infestation of these pests in your home, there is a good chance you got them from somewhere you've been. 

But there are two other ways bed bugs can infest; through secondhand items for one and traveling between walls in multi-unit buildings for another. 

Where will I find bed bugs?

You are not likely to see bed bugs unless you explicitly search for them. They hide in cracks and crevices where they can safely reproduce. But if you are trying to identify an infestation, here are some typical bed bug hiding places:

  • Mattresses and box springs 
  • Seams of bedding, curtains, and upholstered furniture
  • Furniture joints
  • Behind baseboards and wallpaper
  • Corners of rooms
  • Crevices in appliances 

As you can see, bed bugs don't only stay near sleeping areas, so it's essential to inspect the entire house.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

As tempting as it may be to get rid of bed bugs on your own, doing so will only cost you the time and money you can save by working with experts. Instead of causing yourself stress with ineffective DIY bed bug control, let the Samson Pest and Termite Services help.

We use several methods for bed bug extermination, depending on the individual infestation. A home inspection is the first step in bed bug control because it allows us to determine what methods will best suit your needs. 

Call us at Samson Pest and Termite Services to schedule a bed bug inspection to eliminate your pest problem. 

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

The best way to prevent bed bugs is by being mindful of where you put your belongings in public areas and inspecting bags, coats, and other items before returning home. It is good practice to never put your belongings on the floor in a public place, including in hotel and motel rooms. When traveling, always look at reviews for your accommodations and inspect the room before your stay. 

If you believe you have bed bugs in your Houston home, contact Samson Pest and Termite Services.