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Termite Treatment & Prevention In Houston, TX

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Identifying Houston Termites

Purchasing a home is an enormous investment in yourself, your family, and your future. It is reasonable that you'd want to protect your investment from the many factors that threaten it. Unfortunately, termites are among the most significant threats you can face in any Houston home. When these destructive, wood-eating pests make their way into your house, they will do everything to destroy it as they consume the wooden structures within. When you suspect there may be termite activity in your home, reach out immediately to a licensed termite control provider in your area.

Termite treatments in Houston are a must because we have the conditions in which they thrive, so having a company you can trust is extremely important. Here in the Houston area, you have to deal with several different termites. It is extremely important to have a detailed inspection of your home at least once a year. Samson Pest technicians are some of the best in termite and pest control and are state-licensed.

There are ways to try to make your house look less appealing to termites and though it won’t guarantee that you won’t get them there are steps you can take. Click here If you want to know how to prevent termites from getting to your home. You can also call Samson Pest Services anytime for a free inspection.

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Our Houston, TX Termite Treatment Options

Conventional Perimeter Treatment

The conventional perimeter treatment is the most common termite control service available, and we recommend it for anybody with an infested home. This treatment aims to target all areas where termite colonies might find a way into your house. Conventional perimeter treatments treat the ground soil on both sides of the foundation walls, the crevasses of cinder or concrete blocks in the foundation walls, the soil underneath plumbing pipe holes in slabs, and the gaps behind faucets. Drilling is most likely required to be able to treat inside foundation walls, cinder block gaps, and plumbing penetrations. An inspection is necessary to determine how many holes will be needed and where they need to drill them.

Exterior Perimeter Plus Localized Interior Treatment (EP/LI)

Most of the termite infestations come from the home's surrounding areas. EP/LI treatments mainly aim to treat the soil next to the outside foundation wall of the house to catch termites before they start to eat your biggest investment; your home. Termite treatments inside the foundation walls or the home are not usually needed unless live termites are in those areas and are usually found with a detailed inspection. This treatment is very targeted and can noticeably reduce the drilling amount required to apply the termite treatment.

Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are localized treatments for minor termite infestations but are also cost-efficient. In order to make sure a spot treatment is successful, the technician must be able to locate all the termite activity behind walls and inaccessible areas, which is sometimes very difficult. However, this is often the best method to determine whether the affected termite area is confined or isolated to a detectable and accessible location.

We offer a 100% guarantee on all services performed by Samson Pest and Termite Services. Termite treatment warranties are one year long, and the warranty can be extended year to year.

Don't Let Termites Destroy Your Home

Unfortunately for homeowners in Houston, termites are small pests that threaten homes in a big way. These tiny, wood-destroying pests desire nothing more than to consume your house from the inside out, causing massive amounts of potentially dangerous property damage in the process. Because termites cause so much damage, these problems require professional solutions. At the first sign of termite activity in your home, reach out to Samson Pest and Termite Services.

Here at Samson Pest and Termite Services, we are your local authority on Houston termite control and prevention services. Our family-owned and operated company understands the unique pest pressures homeowners in our communities face and provides the necessary services to rid your home of termites and other threatening pests. Contact us today to request your free inspection!