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Richmond, TX Pest Control

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Richmond, TX is part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area and is home to roughly 12,500 people. The city's strong public school system and proximity to larger cities draw many people in, causing Fort Bend County pest control needs to rise along with the human population. At Samson Pest And Termite Services, we help the city of Richmond continue to grow without the threat of pests in your homes and businesses. Keep reading to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Richmond

When you find pests in your home, the experience can be embarrassing and frustrating. At Samson Pest And Termite Services, our goal is to provide the most superior, professional residential pest control services by:

  • Ensuring our technicians are on time, professional, and courteous of your situation
  • Being thoroughly trained and up-to-date on the latest industry standards
  • Offering a guarantee on our services to ensure you receive nothing less than excellent residential pest control treatments

If we don't resolve your situation in the first treatment, we guarantee that we'll come back and re-treat without any hesitation. We take pride in keeping this community safe and healthy and therefore settle for nothing less than excellence. Let us take care of your unwanted issues today; give us a call!

Commercial Pest Control In Richmond

Running a business is no joke. With the number of day-to-day tasks to complete and the continuous management of your employees and patrons, a pest infestation can really disrupt your flow and possibly cause harm to your reputation or damage your establishment. That's why Samson Pest And Termite Services provides comprehensive commercial pest control services to the following types of Richmond businesses:

  • Apartments/multi-family units
  • Warehouses
  • Storefronts
  • Restaurants and bars

No matter what type of establishment you are running, you deserve to have reliable commercial pest control services that will come through in your time of need. At Samson Pest And Termite Services, no problem is too big or too small for us to handle. No matter what type of infestation you're dealing with, and no matter the severity, we will solve your pest problem. Call us for backup today!

Little-Known Ways Mice Can Sneak Into Your Richmond Home

Mice are definitely one of the most common pests to find in your Richmond home. However, you may not be sure where the mice are coming from. Below are some ways these pests might be sneaking into your home:

  • Sewer lines: Sometimes, the mice get into your home via the sewer lines. 
  • Drains: Mice can crawl into your home when pipes are not properly sealed and shut, allowing them to enter through sinks and bathtub drains.
  • Gaps around windows and doors: Unfortunately, even narrow gaps may be large enough for mice to squeeze through.
  • Plumbing and gas lines: If there is a gap or opening around any of your plumbing or gas lines, a mouse may use that as a way to gain access to your home.

A rodent control technician from Samson Pest And Termite Services will point out the conducive conditions in your home and implement proven prevention strategies to keep the mice out indefinitely. Don't lose your mind trying to find all the possible ways these pests could sneak inside your home, let us do that for you!

Common Ants In Richmond, And How They Affect You

Professional ant pest control is another must for Richmond home and business owners. With the variety of ant species here, there is a variety of damage they can cause, affecting you in one way or another. Below are some common ants in Richmond and how they might affect you:

  • Carpenter ants: While not as destructive as termites, carpenter ants will tunnel through your wooden beams and structures, causing damage to your home.
  • Fire ants: A great reason to get professional ant pest control in your yard is because of the fire ants. They are notorious for their painful stings, which leave you with a burning sensation, hence the name 'fire ants.'
  • Pharaoh ants: This type of ant (very light-colored compared to other species) can spread harmful diseases to people as they crawl across countertops.

No matter what types of ants are giving you a hard time, Samson Pest And Termite Services have the tools needed to conquer them in an efficient manner. Call us for help today!