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Spring Valley, TX Pest Control

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Pest Control In Spring Valley, TX

Harris County pest control is no joke. We’ve got all the humidity-loving pests of East Texas combined with all the pests common in most larger cities. We’ve got roaches and rodents and mosquitoes galore, which can make it difficult for home and business owners in Spring Valley to keep their properties pest-free. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep pests at bay.  

Residential Pest Control In Spring Valley

It can get pretty tough for Houston metro area homeowners to deal with pests on their own, and Spring Valley is no exception. East Texas has plenty of heat and humidity, which means homeowners can have issues with mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, and other pests that thrive in wet environments. 

You can do things to control moisture around your house. Use dehumidifiers to keep condensation at a minimum, and make sure you’re fixing issues that could lead to moisture buildup, like leaky pipes or clogged drains. You should replace all rotting and water-damaged wood around your home as well. 

These measures can help keep moisture-loving pests at bay, but they won’t fix or avoid all pest issues. You can potentially have moisture issues and pests for long periods of time without ever even knowing it. This can be a really serious problem when it comes to pests such as termites, because every minute they’re in your home is another minute they’re doing damage to it. That’s why you need professional residential pest control services from Samson Pest And Termite Services. Our experts can help you catch infestations early so you can nip them in the bud. 

Commercial Pest Control In Spring Valley

Keeping pests out of your place of business is just as vital as keeping them out of the place where you live. Pest infestations can pose a huge threat to your livelihood. If your customers see roaches or rats near their dinner plates, there goes your restaurant's reputation. If your guests find bed bugs in their hotel rooms, they’ll have plenty to say about it online. 

And don’t think hotels and restaurants are the only places that can have pest issues. If you have employees snacking in the break room, clients bringing items into your office, or inventory coming in and out of your warehouse, you have the potential to wind up with pests. Let us take care of your pest problems here at Samson Pest And Termite Services. Our commercial pest control services can protect your reputation, your customers’ and employees’ safety, and your bottom line. 

What Spring Valley Property Owners Ought To Know About Rats

Of all the rodents you can wind up with in your home or business, rats might just be the worst. They’re a triple-whammy of problems: they spread a number of different diseases, they can introduce several different external parasites onto your property (all of which can carry their own diseases), and they can destroy your property to boot, ripping up insulation and chewing through electrical wiring. In the worst cases, this behavior has been known to cause house fires. 

The problems that rats can bring into your home are good reasons why you should always depend on professional pest control to deal with your rodent issues. Snap traps only catch one rat at a time, and rat poisons are dangerous to pets and children as well as rats. Here at Samson Pest And Termite Services, our methods are effective and safe for your whole family. Our experts can deal with even the most stubborn rat infestations so you can have a clean and protected home. 

Most Common Cockroaches Found In Spring Valley

Unfortunately, Texas has earned itself quite a reputation for cockroach problems. One reason is that we have such high numbers of so many different types of cockroaches. We have American roaches, Oriental roaches, smoky brown roaches, German roaches, and more.

All of these roaches can spread dozens of diseases and are some of the most disgusting pests around. If you have a cockroach infestation, you could be exposed to everything from salmonella to listeria to dysentery and much more. So if you start noticing the following signs of cockroaches, you need to do something about it right away: 

  • A musty or foul odor
  • Smear marks on walls or baseboards
  • Cockroach egg capsules
  • Dead roach bodies or exoskeletons

Remember, the fact that you don’t see live cockroaches doesn’t mean you don’t have an infestation. Cockroaches make it a point to avoid contact with people. They’re also nocturnal, so avoiding running into them isn’t that hard when we’re asleep. 

If you do have a cockroach infestation, be aware that cockroach control products you can buy at the store likely won’t work. Roaches just breed too fast and are too resistant to many over-the-counter cockroach control methods. That’s why it’s best to let Samson Pest And Termite Services handle them instead. Contact us today for details on our cockroach control services.