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Pest Control In Spring Branch, TX

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Effective Spring Branch, TX Pest Control Services

Spring Branch truly has everything, so there isn't much need to go anywhere else. With the many restaurants, shops, and outdoor spaces, our area is a little haven where many people love to live and work.

Even so, we have to deal with some challenges in our part of the country, one of them being pests. There are a variety of critters that live close by and take advantage of the resources people unintentionally offer. Because of this, it is crucial for home and business owners to know how to protect themselves against pests, whether they pose a threat or are just a nuisance. 

Samson Pest and Termite Services has provided Comal County professional pest control to residential and commercial properties for several years and is ready to assist you too!

Residential Pest Control In Spring Branch

While many stressful things can happen in your home, a pest infestation may be at the top of the list. You've likely already experienced this; going about your day and coming across pests can throw off your whole day. But you can keep this from happening by working with experts for ongoing pest protection. 

Samson Pest and Termite Services provide residential services. We offer quarterly treatments and one-time services to keep your home protected year-round or eliminate an active infestation. 

For one-time services, we will treat the interior and exterior. We will treat the interior and exterior during the initial visit for quarterly services and only the exterior during recurring visits, treating the interior as needed.

For more information about our residential pest control offerings, contact our team at Samson Pest and Termite Services and set up a visit with one of our expert technicians. 

Commercial Pest Control In Spring Branch

Businesses are often a target for pests. Commercial properties provide sheltered areas where pests can live, protected from predators with access to food and other resources they need. 

When a pest infestation occurs on a commercial property, it can threaten a business's reputation, causing them to lose customers and lead to unplanned closures. So as you can see, it's essential to have the right pest control company on your side to keep your business, employees, and customers safe. 

At Samson Pest and Termite Services, we provide a general inspection on the first visit to identify your specific needs and determine what treatments are necessary. Using inspection findings, we will offer a quote and schedule a service to implement a treatment plan.

We understand that different industries have specific requirements, so we perform re-treatments based on the regulations of your business with monthly or quarterly visits. With our tailored treatments, you can keep your commercial property protected. Plus, we offer additional services like bait boxes for monitoring.

Reach out to Samson Pest and Termite Services today for all your commercial pest control needs.

What Can I Do About These Mosquitoes In My Spring Branch Yard?

Mosquitoes are some of the worst pests to deal with, and because of our warm, humid climate, we, unfortunately, experience them worse than other places. It may feel like there isn't much you can do to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, especially if you've tried to use store-bought products that have failed. 

But there are things you can do to reduce populations of mosquitoes in your Spring Branch yard, such as:

Removing breeding sites

Mosquitoes only need a small amount of standing water to lay their eggs, so you should use filters in pools and landscaping features, remove birdbaths, fill in ground holes, keep gutters from getting clogged, remove debris like old tires, and store any tools and toys that aren't in use.

Eliminating shaded areas

Despite thriving in warm weather, mosquitoes can't survive long in the sun, so they look for shade to hide during the day. You can eliminate these areas by keeping foliage trimmed, grass cut short, and removing debris.

Reducing flowering plants

Although female mosquitoes need to take a blood meal to reproduce, males and females also feed on plant nectar and honeydew, so reducing flowering plants in your yard can help eliminate some food sources for these pests. 

For mosquito control services in Spring Branch, call Samson Pest and Termite Services.

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Spring Branch Home

Bed bugs are sneaky pests, but most people think they would know if they had an infestation in their house. Truthfully, you may not notice these pests for some time because bed bugs are nocturnal and hide in tiny crevices during the day. 

To help you spot a bed bug problem, here are some signs to look for:

  • Bites, which usually appear in clusters around the neck, ankles, and arms
  • Staining on sheets and pajamas
  • Dark spots on walls
  • Eggs and nymphs
  • An unpleasant odor

If you believe you have bed bugs in your home, contact Samson Pest and Termite Services right away for professional bed bug control in Spring Branch, TX.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Flea Infestation In My Spring Branch Home?

Fleas are one of the most hated pests among pet owners because of the irritation and potential diseases they threaten. If you have furry friends who are scratching and biting their fur frequently, check them for fleas. While doing this, look for flea dirt and flea eggs as well. It helps to have a flea comb. If you do not have furry pets but find bite marks on your own skin, check your carpets, clothing, and other items that simulate fur for these signs. Sometimes fleas get indoors by riding on the back of wild animals like rats, mice, birds, and bats. If you have these larger pests indoors, keep in mind that fleas might also be around. 

To understand your risk, let our team at Samson Pest And Termite Services perform a detailed pest inspection; this will allow us to identify fleas and other pests inside your home and give us a chance to develop a treatment that will meet your need.

The Many Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In A Spring Branch Home

We all know that ants are annoying pests, and this isn’t a unique observation. What you might not know is that some species of ants are more of a problem than others. The three species in our area you should be most concerned about are fire ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants.

Fire ants are mostly found outdoors and are quick to bite and sting any person or animal that wanders too close to their nest. Pharaoh ants regularly invade homes and are known for the couple of diseases they can carry and transmit. Finally, carpenter ants build their nests inside the structural wood of buildings; this can cause extensive damage over time, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Keeping this in mind, all local ants are a problem when they invade homes. To get and keep these pests out, we have advanced options for ant control that you need to consider. Contact Samson Pest And Termite Services today to better understand our ant pest control and find a treatment option that best solves your pest problems. 

How And Why Rodents Find Their Way Into Our Spring Branch Homes

Rodents like to live inside human dwellings. They do not, however, like to live near humans and generally avoid people when sharing interior spaces. The main reason these pests tolerate humans is to have access to snacks to eat, things to drink, and places to hide. Rodents find these basic necessities anywhere they can and often gravitate to wall voids, attics, basements, and other secluded areas to build their nests. 

How do rodents get into homes? In one of two main ways. The first method involves finding a gap, hole, or opening big enough to squeeze indoors. A house mouse is small enough to squeeze through holes the width of a nickel. Rats need a slightly larger entry point. The second method for invasion involves making an entry point. Both rats and mice have strong teeth, which they can use to chew holes through wood, plastic, vinyl, plaster, drywall, and sometimes aluminum siding. In short, if your home does not have an entry point, these pests can make one for themselves.

Find your solution to rodent problems by talking with our team at Samson Pest And Termite Services. We will talk you through our service options and get you the care you need to prevent and remove these furry invaders. 

The Best Termite Control Solution For Spring Branch Properties

Is there anything worse than the thought of having tiny insects eating your home’s wood from the inside out? This is what it is like to live with termites. The more significant problem is that these pests are nearly impossible to identify when they first enter a structure. Only after months of steady destruction do signs of damage start to present themselves.

In order to avoid the serious problems termites cause in Spring Branch, you need some form of control. DIY strategies include removing wood and wood-based items from your property, repairing water-damaged wood around your home, and addressing moisture issues.

For a more effective approach, bring in our team for professional services. We know what makes these pests tick and how to address existing infestations and prevent future invasions properly. If you want a cheaper option, schedule your home for yearly inspections allowing us to identify and treat infestations before they become too severe. 

Regardless of how you choose to address these pests, make sure you manage these pests. Reach out to Samson Pest And Termite Services for more details and schedule your Spring Branch property for a termite inspection.